While employed at SMEC I worked as their senior designer, as part of a global in-house communications team. Aided in the staged rollout of their 2020 brand refresh. I created all reporting season long-form documents, produced creative designs for internal employee engagement initiatives and graduate hiring initiatives while working within and occasionally around brand guidelines across all mediums. 
Below is a selection of work completed for SMEC.
SMEC Graduate Program 2021-2022
Design to attract graduates to the SMEC brand by using simplified, single line drawings of career opportunities and mega infrastructure project illustrations. Using some of SMEC's extended brand colours to widen the brand appeal to a greater number of engineer students in a high competitive field.
A range of additional branded products were developed to be given out at grad exhibitions.
SMEC Annual Review 2019-21
As one of their three main reporting season documents, the SMEC Annual review was developed alongside their Sustainability Report and Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).
SMEC branded icon set
A set of 80+ icons developed for SMEC's' 2020 brand refresh. Designed in a consistent, relaxed hand drawn style using SMEC's brand colours. Icon themes range from primary industry sectors, safety and security to teamwork and business concepts.
Sustainability Report
SMEC 10th and 11th annual Sustainability Reports, which outline the company's progress towards their sustainability objectives and environmental outcomes they influence throughout their projects and services.
The Sustainability report is a long-form document, created in Adobe InDesign and designed within Brand Guidelines specifications. The project also included the development of on-brand info graphics, charts and tables.

Get Involved EDM
SMEC's internal staff engagement newsletter developed on HubSpot CRM Platform.
Incentfit Program EDM
Developed to increase employee engagement for internal health and wellbeing programs. SMEC's Incentfit brand was designed to be light hearted, approachable and playful, with a style that references 80's abstract pattern design.
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